What are the benefits of listing your Fort McMurray home in winter?  

There is less competition in the winter months. Fewer people are listing their homes because they think there is lower demand. It also means there is less competition for you as a seller since less serious sellers remove their homes from the listings during this time of year. If they’re not motivated, they won’t deal with inquiries over the holidays.  

Fewer people are shopping for homes, too. This means that there won’t be casual home shoppers coming by to tour open houses when they have no intention of buying. The cold and the snow prevent anyone from coming to tour the property unless they’re serious.  

All of this means that you’ll have fewer potential buyers but nearly all of them are serious prospects. They tend to be people relocating for work or trying to close on a property before the end of the year.  

People that are serious about buying a home will be the ones out baring the cold to look at homes and will shortlist the top homes when out searching during the winter months. People also get excited over the holiday seasons and want to buy a home to move in before Christmas or during the holiday season they have more time off to go out house shopping.  

During the holiday seasons, it is also a great time to have nice smells in the home such as cinnamon or egg nog. The smells help with the warm holiday feeling and also helps buyers want to purchase the home because the nice smells remind them of a loving holiday home. The same goes for decorating the home to feel like a warm family holiday home so potential purchasers can imagine their family in the home for the holidays. If you want to sell your home the winter months are a good time to get the perfect buyers in to view the home.