Fort McMurray Mortgage Renewal


Over 60% of Canadians do not get the best mortgage rate on their mortgage renewal, they just resign with there bank rather then negotiating rate or terms. This is not the best strategy as you could be missing out on HUGE savings. Talk to us at Whalen Mortgages your top Fort McMurray Mortgage Brokers prior to signing with your bank! To transfer from a lender to a different lender or bank in Fort McMurray there is no cost. Call me today your local Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker to get the process started and get the lowest mortgage rate on your next Fort McMurray mortgage renewal!! Mortgages don’t have to be complicated!! Call me today for a no obligation quote of the rates and lenders products!! Your Fort McMurray Mortgage Brokers here to help you save on your Fort McMurary mortgage renewal!! 780-715-7533 call Jodi Whalen and her dedicated experienced team of mortgage specialists Today!!

It is important to review your financing needs on a regular basis and most certainly upon your mortgage renewal to make sure that you not only obtain the best mortgage rate but also the best product to fit your needs. Let us explain the differences between banks and non-bank lenders and how interest rate differential is calculated at a bank to ensure you are never stuck with a big penalty should you break your mortgage early. Completing the form below will allow us to help you implement a strategy of your own and notify you of relevant mortgage products and rates prior to renewal.

Call me for free advice on your offer from you current mortgage lender. I will let you know if it is a good offer and explain the perks and downfalls of the rate offered and product they are offering on renewal. Even if you stay with your current lender, I will help you understand what product you are taking and penalties associated with the product if you break your mortgage mid term. What if I can save you thousands of dollars down the road by informing you on the mortgage product you will be signing with your bank? Would it be worth the 10 minute call? I am always available for anyone needing free advice on your Fort McMurray mortgage.

There are lenders who offer the lowest rates but may have restrictions on porting your mortgage or prepaying your mortgage or may have inflated penalties if paid out early. I can help you pick a lender that fits your needs. In Fort McMurray the average person holds a home for 3 to 4 years and then upgrades or moves to a new town, let me help put you into a mortgage that holds low penalties if you pay it off early. Remember I work for you Not the Banks. We beat the banks every time. I have a great understanding of all the lenders and products they offer. I can explain them to you and let you pick the one for your needs.

Some lenders even offer home encompass warranty as a bonus they pay the first year after you can pay 17.95 a month to keep this coverage. It covers up to 10,000 a year in unforeseen breakdowns with electrical, air conditioning, heating and plumbing. This is a bonus that only one lender offers but gives flexibility and security with your home and future unexpected costs. We can offer you independent life and disability insurance independent from the lender so it ports with you if you change lenders down the road and is fully underwritten upfront. We are your trusted mortgage brokers in Fort McMurray here to help you in all situations with the best referral partners from lawyers to realtors and home insurance professionals. Apply On-Line Today!