Fort McMurray Refinance


If you bought a home when prices were down in Fort McMurray you may have the ability to access funds from your mortgage. Are you looking to save money? Perhaps you’d like to take advantage of lower mortgage rates, or maybe borrow some money for investments, or for debt management. Fort McMurray Mortgage Brokers at Whalen Mortgages are here to help give us a call today to get the process started 780-715-7533. Your trusted Fort McMurray Mortgage Specialist!!

With mortgage rates being at an all time low this is the perfect time to refinance your mortgage and lock in a lower rate.  If you want to look at your Fort McMurray mortgage options give your trusted mortgage specialist Jodi Whalen a call today 780-715-7533. We can help you get a low mortgage rate on your next refinance on your Fort McMurray home or home anywhere else in Canada. We work for you Not the Banks. Call Whalen Mortgages today we are your trusted Fort McMurray Mortgage brokers. We have access to lenders who will cover or refund you the fees associated with a refinance such as appraisal costs or FCT legal fees. We can do a refinance anywhere across Canada. We have the top lenders offering the lowest mortgage rate on your next refinance. We are readily available to help you with any questions along the way. Our team works around your schedule, we understand the long work hours clients work in Fort McMurray and are available evenings and weekends to fit your needs. When the banks say No we say Yes, call us today to get started on your next refinance and one of our amazing team members will take great care of you.

If you have equity in your Fort McMurray home we can look at some options to pay off debt. Refinancing your home in Fort McMurary is the best option to pay out higher interest payments such as credit cards or vehicle loans, save hundreds of dollars each month. This allows you to invest your money how you see fit with RRSP’s, buy a rental property or renovate your current home increasing its value and your investment! We can discuss your situation and what outcome you would like and get you financed to achieve your goals. We can refinance your Fort McMurray mortgage to save you lots of money every month. 

We can run some numbers and see which debts would be more beneficial in paying out with a refinance to help keep your monthly payments low if not reduce the monthly payments freeing up some funds for your monthly budget. Call Whalen Mortgages and our team will help you financially plan for your future and reduce monthly payments on your Fort McMurray home. We have partnered with the top lenders in Fort McMurray offering you the most competitive mortgage rates. The lenders we work with understand the demographics of Fort McMurray and also the work schedule, lots of employees work condensed shifts and receive overtime, bonuses and northern living allowance. Our team and Whalen Mortgages and the lenders we work with are familiar with Fort McMurray and the work demands and pay structure associated with working in Fort McMurray.

If you need a Debt Consolidation Loan, a Home Improvement Loan, or even a loan for your Small Business, Whalen Mortgages has a solution to fit every situation! Apply On-Line Today!