Home Improvement Mortgage Fort McMurray

Have you fell in love with a home in Fort McMurary but it needs some upgrades? Do you have your eye on a fixer-upper, or thinking about building your dream home, financing your endeavors is something we can set up. Fort McMurray has a lot of great real estate for sale with basements that need finishing or you may want to upgrade the style of your new home in Fort McMurray. Call our Fort McMurray Mortgage Brokers to start the process and discuss your Fort McMurray Mortgage Options. We can offer these amazing products with low mortgage rates. We get you the best mortgage rates in Fort McMurray while giving options. That is what makes us your Fort McMurray trusted mortgage brokers and specialist. Call Whalen Mortgages to discuss 780-715-7533. We are your Local Fort McMurray Trusted Mortgage Brokers!!

Purchase Plus Home Improvements Mortgage

A purchase plus improvements loan allows you to upgrade the flooring or cabnits or paint your new home you purchase in Fort McMurray, and roll the cost of the improvements into the balance of the Fort McMurray mortgage. This will benefit you and you get the low interest rate associated with a mortgage, and the simplicity of one mortgage payment, while putting down less than 20% of the home’s ‘as improved’ value. 

To get this type of mortgage you would qualify under both the lenders and CMHC’s ‘Purchase Plus Improvements’ program. The next step is to acquire a quote from a contractor, to determine the cost of the renovations. CMHC will approve a loan of up to 95% of the ‘as improved’ value of the home — or the value of the newly constructed home — provided the improvements increase the homes value. This mortgage is to improve the home not to rectify existing immediate concerns that may hinder the home such as foundation cracks or a roof that has leaks due to being over used and not repaired in time. These type of fixes need to happen prior to a mortgage advancing as the risk associated with them will scare any lender and cause your offer to collapse. Call me today to discuss your home in Fort McMurray and we will find the right mortgage solution for you! 

While newly constructed homes may receive up to four monetary advances before the home is completed, with refinanced or newly-purchased homes, CMHC only advances up to 95% of the original value. You must finance the renovations and improvements up front, keep all your receipts, once complete get an inspection to show work is done and await reimbursement after the renovations are complete then the lender will advise the lawyer to release the improvements funds to you. 

If you are putting down more then 20% on a new home and want to do renovations, consider taking advantage of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) — a low-interest line of credit that is secured against your home. Apply On-Line Today!



Usual way of financing:  
Purchase Price $300,000.00
Less 5% down payment $15,000.00
Financing Rquired $285,000.00
Plus 4% insurance premium $11,400.00
Total Mortgage $296,400.00
Mortgage payment @ 3.5% $1,479.84/month


Purchase plus Improvements:  
Purchase Price $300,000.00
Proposed Improvements $20,000.00
Less 5%of as improved value $16,000.00
Financing required $304,000.00
Plus 4% Insurance premium $12,160.00
Total Mortgage $316,160.00
Mortgage payment @ 3.5% $1,578.50/month


In this example the you are able to personalize your Fort McMurray home to suit your needs and improve the value of your home, without waiting until you could afford to do the changes.