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Prospective homebuyers are coming to tour the home. You know they’re coming, but you don’t have time to clean up the kitchen from making dinner, and the living room is a mess. Perhaps it is the bathroom that’s a mess. The potential buyers visit, and they choose someone else’s home. A lost sales opportunity forces you to continue marketing your home and paying the payments. Or they offer you less than what your house is worth. The difference averages $20,000 on a Fort McMurray home 

This is why you need to invest in a clean house when you’re trying to sell your home. Remember that value when you’re taking out the trash, vacuuming the carpets and picking up the toys. But we often slack off because of the sheer amount of work.  

 Here are a few tips for keeping your house clean and making it look its best. 

  1. Winter can get messy in Fort McMurray. Clean your walkways so that visitors and your family don’t track in debris. Better yet, make everyone take off their shoes so they don’t track in dirt.  
  2. Take advantage of dry days to clean up your yard. Pull up weeds, pick up after children and pets, and make things presentable to get good curb appeal.  
  3. Winters are drab and dull. You can liven up your home with the right color scheme. Layout green, orange and beige carpets, rugs, and pillows.  
  4. Winter often has a smell, and you can recreate it in your home. Cinnamon and ginger are perfect. Peppermint is another option. Whether you do scented candles or baked goods is your decision. Seasonal fruit could grace the table, too. 
  5. Invest in maintenance. Clean your gutters, deck, and windows. If you have a swimming pool, ensure that it is covered and protected for the winter.  
  6. Take care of your appliances. You know home buyers will check out the furnace this time of year. Nothing will turn off home buyers than relying on space heaters or coming across electrical glitches.  
  7. Make your home look bright. Not only is this inviting to guests, but it makes your home seem upscale. Replace dead light bulbs, and this is a good time to clean your windows. When homebuyers visit, turn on all the lights, open the windows, and light candles. 

Your home is your most expensive possession. Treat it accordingly so that you get top dollar when you sell it.  


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