A lot of people ask me, “Where can I go to get the best value on my house?” You don’t want to buy something just to buy it. You want to buy something that will increase in value over the next five years. 

One way to go is to buy the first house in a new subdivision in Fort McMurray. That property will definitely go up in value because everything else will follow it. As the builder raises prices, your home’s value will go up. 

You could also find a house that has strong value to it. The home should have strong bones. Look for homes that have been renovated to meet today’s standards. It doesn’t need to have all of the updates, but it needs to be livable so that you can build value on the house.  

Of course, the location of the home will greatly affect its value. Abasand, Beaconhill, Thickwood, Dickinfield and Timberlea are great areas to buy in Fort McMurray.  Anzac and Gregoire Lake Estates are also great places to check out. That’s a great starting point for you to build equity. 

If you have any Fort McMurray Mortgage questions or needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m always available to help!