Historically, the fourth quarter is the slower part of the year for sellers. Consider buying your Fort McMurray home during the holidays for these eleven reasons. 

  1. You will not have as much competition due to the cold weather.  
  2. Low amount of buyers so better deals on home offers which more savings for you!
  3. The listing supply increases dramatically after the holidays. You will have more competition with other buyers once the holidays are over.
  4. You will get to see all the beautiful homes at full potential decorated during the holidays.
  5. Sellers are more emotional this time of year. If the offer is reasonable they will feel in the spirit of giving. 
  6. You will most likely have more time to look at houses over the holidays compared to the traditional work week.
  7. The sellers might need to get money fast during the holidays money gets depleted.
  8. Transferred employees usually start in January, and if this is true for the sellers they may want to be in a home before their start date. Again giving you an advantage during negotiations.
  9. You can view homes during weekdays if you have holidays from work giving you time to pick the perfect home and not taking away the time with your family.
  10. If you buy now, you can select a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year.
  11. You can enter the spring market with peace of mind knowing you are now a home owner and buying during the holiday season took away the possibility of multiple bidding on the one property you love as most buyers slow down during the holiday season so less competition. It’s a win-win! 

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