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Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker : Jodi Whalen

100% Financing

As a Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker I understand the importance of options. Buying a home in Fort McMurray with rent being so high can be difficult to save your downpayment. There are still a limited number of options available for borrowers without a downpayment. We have a couple lenders that allow downpayment to be borrowed while still getting the best interest rate!! Contact me today to get started with the application and be that much closer to your new home. We are your Fort McMurray Mortgage Experts!!



  • Down payment is borrowed (example: Credit Cards, Line of Credit, and Personal Loan)

  • Credit score must be high

  • Insurance premium of 4.5%, added to mortgage

  • Client can qualify for “best” discounted interest rates

  • All types of properties on owned land (not rented pad) are eligible

Apply now to see which option will best suit your needs.